Mike Hart

Professor Mike Hart

Professor of Business  and Informatics
The University of Winchester, Winchester, UK

After publishing a series of papers in the area of Health Services quality, Mike Hart obtained his PhD in 1997 awarded by De Montfort University where he had been employed in the Leicester Business School.  Whilst there, he wrote several suites of easily accessible statistical software which were bundled with best selling books of  Quantitative Methods.  He was also external examiner at three universities and undertook two periods of teaching abroad, one in Jakarta, Indonesia upon the De Montfort University MBA program and the other teaching (in Spanish) at the Complutense University in Madrid. He subsequently took up his position in 1997 as Professor of Business and Informatics in the University of Winchester.

At Winchester, he was primarily responsible for the successful launch of a degree in Business and Management which continues to expand and to be well evaluated in national surveys. In 2001 in collaboration with Hampshire County Council he launched an innovative course (now a Foundation Degree) in Public Services Information Management, designed to fit the needs of para-information professionals employed in neighbouring local authorities. As well as leading a small but rapidly growing Business and Management Group, he also chaired the School Quality Committee. The Business Management group now ranks absolutely in the middle of Business and Management provision (Guardian rankings, 2006)

Since 2002, he has been particularly active writing a series of papers relating to e-learning and pedagogy in higher education  delivered at a series of international conferences. Together with a colleague, Dr. David Rush, he has recently been researching student involvement in quality processes in higher education which forms the University of Winchester contribution to QUBE (Quality in Business Education) project funded by HEFCE (see publications arising from this at http://trans-qm.org.uk)

The University of Winchester
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